Photography Day

Taking inspiration from the beautiful shots and colours of La La Land I set out with the aim of gathering shots with long distance views of the skyline as well as the different lighting presented through out the day.

Starting at 11:00am in Nuneaton town I took my first shots from the very top of the Rope walk shopping centre car park. From here a wide view of the towns skyline can be seen. However I was unable to use the tripod because of the high sides on the edge of the shopping centre. Therefore I had to hold the camera as steady as I could to make sure that the shots did not blur. The first shots I gathered were of the general skyline from different angles and sides. I then used prominent features in the skyline such as a church as a focus point in lining the frame. Whilst the shots showed off the towns skyline and highlighted how old most of the buildings are (with there high pointed chimneys) I felt they lacked the vivid colour that the shots of la la land had. This was due to the weather (being overcast) as well as the time of day (being around half 11 at the time). As well as the special cinemas cope techniques the movie employed compared to my digital camera. As the cinematographer stated “digital is too good at picking up what’s real”. IMG_9943.JPG

.Shot of Edward Street Nuneaton





-Changing the Aperture 

From here I walked to the top of a bridge over a busy motorway to scope how well a photo opportunity from this spot would work. I concluded that with the current weather conditions and the light a long exposure shot at that time would not work. However at night would be very effective. The only trouble would be accessing the bridge.

After this I decided to get some shots over water so I travelled to Ensors pool to capture some shots.


As you can see the water created a great reflection..

I also focused on the reflection of the skyline on the water as I thought this could be used later as a nice piece.

Around  quarter to five the sun began to set creating vivid colouring in the sky and on the water. The colouring was similar to what inspired me from La la land. this vivid colour of purples, blues and yellows and oranges create a shadow of the trees and landscapes.





This was extremely lucky and the colours I captured were breathtaking.




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