Artist research: Jaanika Talts

Originally from Estonia Jaanika is a self taught artist currently living and working in Dublin. For Jaanika her work is a reflection of her life and the experiences that have left their mark “from my darkest hours to euphoria and everything in between”. Jaanika especially has a love for colours. She marvels at the power that colour has over us often unconsciously, using colours to communicate thoughts feeling and emotions without a word needed. what started as a hobby has turned into a way of life for Jaanika whos work now has its place in countries such as Sweden¬†Norway, Australia, Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Estonia, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and in New Zealand.

I chose to look at Jaanikas art because the bright and vivid colours attracted my attention. the application of the paint also intrigued me, as unusual shapes and textures are formed. Jaanikas work is produced using oil paint on various canvas sizes ranging from 60 x 60 cm to 120 x 100 and occasionally silk.



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