Initial Ideas

My initial inspiration came from the recent release of the movie, “La La Land” from director Damien Chazelle. It’s stunning visual style blew me away with its vivid colours popping out of the screen with such rich saturation. The film pays many homages to classic movies; being filmed in cinema-scope a wide angle lens to evoke a classic cinema look, giving the movie a dream like feel that the realism of digital cannot bring. Whilst in all sense the story is a classic love story it pushes the boat out with an unconventional ending, provoking a devastating and yet bitter sweet feeling. The film also connects to me on a personal level with a continuous theme of the struggles of being an artist, with the main leads Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) both coming together to achieve their  creative goals, Mia being an actor and Sebastian a jazz musician.  However unlike traditional romance movies the two must make a decision and learn a lesson in sacrifice: which (spoilers) turns out to be each other. In this way the film sends a realistic message in that you cant have every thing you

Whilst the story is unique, for me it was the visual elements that really captivated my attention. I loved the use of colour throughout the movie especially the colour pallet of deep Blues, Purples, Green, Pink, and Yellow and the beauty that the space scenes bring to the big screen. My two particular favourite was the first dance scene on the hill between the two, with the light of dusk offering a dusky purple complimenting the lights of the city below and the stars above. it looks like a green screen yet the shot is authentic taken on setting. This took several attempts as the time of day had to be just right. I would love to recreate this as an art piece or take the inspiration for my own photography. The real challenge will be finding the right light and location for the shot.

Similarly I also love the shot with the two dancing against the galaxy and this was the shot that inspired my idea for my exam. Looking at galaxy’s and the contrast of light and dark.  This linked well with the starting point of skyline in which I plan to use a range of media ranging from acrylicla-la-colours-twoc, pastel and ink to spacephotography and any other that I develop into as the work evolves.  I also noticed that the colours used throughout the movie reflect emotions and bare a striking resemblance to the vistas of space and galaxy’s.  again this emphasises the dream like quality of the movie and makes the dream sequence at the end even more hard hitting, leaving the audience questioning “what If?”


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