Long exposure photography

I set out after sundown to capture some long exposure photography, focusing on my underlining theme of dark and light.  After doing some research on how to carry out the task i set out with my camera and tripod to see for myself how long exposure could capture a unique and interesting image.  The most important thing to remember, was that with long exposure photography what you see is not always what you get.

Below (camera used)CIMG9734.JPG

Practice images 

These first images were taken without using a tripod, as quick practice shots. as you can see without a tripod the image easily becomes blurry. During these practice shots i adjusted the shutter speed several times using the cars passing by as a guidance for how long it takes to get the lights to blur. i found 2-5 seconds to produce a good streak of light surprisingly longer than I originally thought.

In the images below the ISO was too low therefore not enough light was available to illuminate the scene.

When the ISO was corrected the image becomes illuminated however still blurry without the tripod for stabilityimg_9905











Being inspired by La La lands stunning skyline views on the hill I tried to mirror this in my photography. Taking photos of the skyline lit up by lights. I used the hill as a focal point for the image being such a prominent feature in the skyline.  I also focused on the contrast of light and dark by focusing on the streetlights with the path as a focal point.

After this I used a crossing near by that offered some light to illuminate the cars driving by. The shutter speed was set to 5 seconds to ensure the cars were captured fully as they were driving at a slow pace over the crossing.

Here are some examples of the best images captured:img_9921img_9920img_9919

The weather for this photo shoot was not ideal, being at night in February it was very cold and windy and later started to rain. However it was worth it for these stunning images. I tried to use the rain to my advantage as the water on the road surfaces created a nice gleam where the light reflected.

These were the last images before the rain became to heavy. As you can see I tried to capture the lights in the distance as opposed to the street light near by.

img_9923This experience taught me a lot about photography, how the ISO, shutter speed and Aperture can be changed to manipulate the images outcome. I also really enjoyed the outcomes of how the car headlights and street lights look.


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