Ink experiments

Following on from my previous experiments I decided to experiment with ink, taking inspiration from the beautiful imaginary landscapes that Jennifer Taylor (Instagram artist) paints, and her use of mixed media; including ink.

I first started with simple ink experiments, using PVA glue as well as red, and blue ink. By pouring the ink on and thickly pouring the glue on top, I allowed the ink and glue to mix naturally and move around the page how they wished. This created an organic feel to the piece and allowed for unique shapes and patterns to 3

The only downside being the glue made the pages especially sticky and some of the ink seeped through. However this was well worth it for the end result. I also dripped some more glue over the top for the textured affect. What is great about mixing glue with ink is when it drys and creates a glossy shiny affect which looks much better than the ink on its own, as it fades over time.

ink 4

As you can see here the glue and ink creates much more vivid colouring than the ink alone (shown in the under layer). Together the pieces are beautifully effective. The images were taken when the experiments were not yet fully dry so the colours appear very vivid.  Applying a filter can bring new dimensions to the pieces, as shown here the  blue really stands out.

ink 2

I further experimented using cardboard which was much thicker than the pages of my sketchbook. My main aim was to mix as much of the ink and glue together as i could and to be as free as I could in applying the materials.

This created an almost oil like appearance with rainbow colours diluted throughout the freely flowing glue.

As they were left to dry the colours became more intertwined and the mixture hardened and glossed over. It became darker in colour, a change in state which happened over night.  this also happened to my other experiments as they dried.

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Finally I explored adding a third colour to the mix by using green. Although this created a nice contrast I prefer the contrast and focus of two colours rather than three. I also scratched some patterns to see how they would dry. Here is a comparison of the ink when wet and the ink when dry, again the colour deepens and the mixture turns solid.

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Some of the ink dripped onto the news paper but I realised that this created some great contrasts with the images in the articles therefore decided to include them.

ink news
The ink interacted well with this face highlighting eyes and jawline
ink news 2
Dark creepy face peers from the ink

ink news 3

ink news 4
Dark cloud of ink possesses the mans eyes

I continued to experiment with the ink without glue, trying to create space like colours using blue and red.


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