Spray Paint

Gaining inspiration from street artists in New York. I found a new and effective way to create planets and galaxy’s. I was inspired by the blend of the paints to create the colourful and vivid background, seemingly effortlessly during the video. The way the planet is revealed is also very interesting and inspired me to try my own  version of this technique. Below is the video that inspired me to create my own.

 Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtJQDNCyoJI 

At first I attempted to create a planet using the bottom of a paint-pot lid for coverage. This worked however the lid was not heavy enough to stop some of the spray paint from leaking underneath. I chose to use red for the planet based on Mars.

First I sprayed a mix of red and white spray paint onto the page and covered this with the paint pot lid. After this I added a base layer of blue and black spray-paint and gradually layered this up eventually adding red and light blue. To create the stars I placed a finger over the nozzle so that the spray paint dispersed as it left the can, the only problem was that some of the drips were larger than others.

mars 2


I also experimented with using acrylic for the planets texture in order to see the contrast it creates with the spray paint. As the paint dried, texture was created, with the ripples in the paint. This highlights the lines upon the planet which could be interpreted as the planets rocky surface.

This worked well in the sun, bringing some texture to the piece however on the moon the paint was too thick. I decided to use spray paint for future studies as it looks visually better as a composition.  To create the texture I used folded paper and dabbed onto the spray paint to lift away some of the excess and reveal the layers underneath.

I continued to experiment with different colour combinations, my favourite being the blue planet (based on Neptune)  because of the contrast of the light blue against the blacks and reds as well as other darker blues, also reminding me of Earth. Each time sprinkle technique with the thumb became better.  Using a heavy plate eliminated the risk of the paint running underneath.

The final results were beautiful! I captured the vivid colours I was hoping for and the contrast between light and dark within the pieces is very effective, this was because of the use of silver spray paint with a glittery quality.  Changing from standard A4 paper to printer paper allowed the spray paints to stay shiny because of the slick surface.

planet 2

planet 3
The blue planet 
planet 4
spray paint on cardboard
printer paper

With a little bit of editing the colours, tone and contrast are brought to life. planet 6planet 5


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