Skyline inspiration

To gather inspiration from the environment I decided to spend a day taking inspiring and thoughtful photographs to help create new ideas. I decided to focus on the use of framing to guide the viewers eye to a focal point making it the main focus of the photograph.

In the image below the lighting is truly dynamic.  The natural lighting of the suns rays spread out across the conclave of the skyline. Whilst the skyline is reflected in the glass of the skyscraper.  I love the way the clouds part and let the rays shine, it reminds me of many classical representations of heaven, this in turn encases the city below in a shadow. Perhaps a commentary of heaven and earth? Or the beauty of nature vs the highly manufactured world that humans have created? For me it makes me think of the confines of life created by social constructs in contradictory to the freedom that nature intended for us.


In the image below I climbed up a high hill in order to see the skyline in conjunction with the country that can be seen on the horizon.  Using a broken chain link fence and an over head wire as a framing device, I positioned the houses and the streets hill travelling down through centre of the image, again this acts as a guideline for the eyes directing them from an urban landscape to a natural.  This image could also make the viewer think about the contradiction of the natural vs the urban.


Below is the fence from different angles. As you can see  it does not have the same visual impact.

This image is when I experimented with a leading object to guide the focus forward into the scene. i thought the corner of a brick wall was a very mundane and urban object that could be used so that it is seen from a new perspective.  Just look at views this wall will look at for eternity! (unless it is knocked down).


I also spotted this little bit of street art. The use of black and white and the overall style of the piece reminded me of the works of Bansky.  Simplicity of the piece is effective, it conveys its simple message. “We are watching” and if I was to give the photograph a name that is what I would call them. It looks like spray paint and a stencil was used too create this.

Throughout the journey I took shots that had roads leading the viewers eye into the frame and into the urban background. These shots are my preference because of the way it draws a viewer into the frame and slowly recognise more details as you are drawn in.


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