3D Moon planet

For a 3D element of my project I created a moon like planet that could hang next to my final piece. This was created based on paper mache techniques however is not the exact same. Using a balloon I covered it in newspaper to create a base, then added mod rock over the top and manipulated it to create lumps and bumps. I added little craters on top to show where the moon had been hit by asteroids, and also used the end of the paintbrush to dig tiny holes to show impact zones. This was harder to do in some cases where the mod rock had become especially hard. Afterwards I used a mixture of red ink and black/grey acrylic paint to add the colour. The red ink to show a more cartoon orientated fictional moon (like something out of a comic) rather than a standard grey moon. Afterwards I popped the balloon inside the moon when the mod rock had set as it would eventually deflate on its own, witch may have crumpled the mod rock with it.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3






Good points:

. The acrylic and ink blend well and do not look out of place

. The mod rock is easy to use and creates the rocky texture needed for a moon like planet.

. Using a balloon means the inside can be hollowed out by popping it (it also allows the materials to stick). This means it is light weight, perfect for hanging.

. The mod rock can be manipulated and worked into so that it looks like a planet worn by meteoroids.

Bad points:

. The mod rock becomes too hard in some places to create little craters.

. Whilst round, the balloon is not a perfect circle (however Earth in real life is said to be more of an oval shape than a perfect circle).

To improve:

By blowing the balloon up less, it can appear to be more circular in shape. I may try another adding more cheerful colours (rather than dull greys).  experimenting with spray paint may create a different outcome.

This model of the moon at the national space centre was my inspiration for the piece. I took inspiration from the texture and shape of the model.  This was on a much larger scale and appeared to be made out of plastic.


UPDATE: Using more colourful colours and spray paint

Worked really well but was soother as this was a planet. Therefore I did not add craters but did add polar ice caps.


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