Using soft pastels I gathered first hand research through sketching the sky over a course of 3 days. The unique thing about a skyline is that it can change within a matter of minuets even if you are standing in the same place. The best time for this is sundown, as the sun sets and the colours gradually change and become richer. This can also apply to the weather which can suddenly change. My sketches had a focus on colour and the gradual change of light.

Below is the first day, spanning over an hour, sketching a new piece every few minuets. this was at a time when the sun was starting to set so you can see the gradual darkening from blue to black. It was very windy at the time, therefore the clouds changed rapidly. eventually the yellow colour of the streetlight ended the composition of blue and black.  I really like the gradual darkening as a sense of time and movement can be shown.

2nd Day:

This day was a brilliant example of how the weather can drastically change. The day started with a gloomy rainy skyline with little to no colour, by the afternoon, beautiful blue sky’s and a bright sunset. This demonstrates the unpredictability of drawing skylines.

By the end of the 3rd day I added the rooftops into the scene, accompanied by a fire in the last image that my neighbours had started.  This added dimension into the sketch however i found it hard to get the small details using soft pastels. It was especially fun to draw the fire because of the contrast in colours.


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