Media experiments



This media study is based off the treeline photographs I took in ‘photography day’.  Using acrylic and chalk this piece was effective in capturing the light through the trees and casting a shadow. It is interesting to see the mix of illustration elements and media.


This media study is based on the unusual shapes that Jaanika Talts uses in her work.  It was created using oil and the colours are based off of galaxy’s.  The oil offered a deeper and more vivid colour than acrylic but was also difficult to work with. The oil paint does not dry and rubs off very easily. However  for the lighting in this piece it was very effective because it blends well and contrasts the background.  As shown below because of its quality to rub off, it can be useful in allowing light into a darker piece through the cracks (which also adds texture)


Below is an exploration of using acrylic paints to create stars. As you can see oil offered more colours into the background.


This piece was created using acrylic paints and is based off Scott Naismith’s use of colour to create a colourful skyline. I tried to use the overlaps within the colours that he uses in his work and feel that I was successful but just needed to blend the a little more (perhaps using more white). I loved the way that colours were exaggerated in his work so tried to show this in my own. 18217627_1886894598222459_1058719260_n


This  piece was drawn from my long exposure pieces however I do not think it captured what I intended. I feel the oil was more effective in capturing light and the chalk was too basic and cannot match up to the photographs it was based upon.



Using mixed media for this piece, I created an abstract scene based upon an image I saw in a gallery visit. I added elements of Scott Naismith and Jaanika Talts within the background.  I think this worked better than the oil and the pastels  because of the blend of colours that seemingly mix the scene together so that it all feels connected. I scratched the paint into the trees to try and achieve a edgy looking style and to make the branches thinner.18254013_1886894588222460_687119675_n

(Below) Again I used soft pastels for a galaxy like piece. The pastels were used on top of acrylic. Whilst it does show light, I feel that it was not the right material because they blend together too well and interesting textures and depth is not created. Therefore I ruled out using soft pastels.


Again this piece was based on a photograph I took during the photography day post. I chose this photograph because I like the contrast in light and dark; as well as; the contrast of colour and darkness. Taking inspiration from Scott Naismith, I exaggerated the colours so that the sky and the darkness is easily distinguishable. In this experiment I feel that great texture is created through the lumps and bumps of the paint, but the outline of the houses could18280334_1887186398193279_1273717010_n be clearer.














Based off of another photograph taken on that day this piece uses cooler colours and shows the sky’s reflection in water. Biro was used to add the trees which creates an element of illustration. Again the shadow silhouette creates the horizon but this time the colours are much mire subtle. The downside is the ability for the pen ink to run when wet but this can be incorporated into an artistic style.


This is another sketch in the style of Scott Naismith but the colours are kept to a more simple colour scheme.  Again I like the contrasting elements if the piece.


Below: Media experiments using Ink and glue and emulsion.

1st experiment used ink and a heavy amount of emulsion.  This created a thick ‘toothpaste like texture’.  This is an interesting feature of the emulsion which can then be worked over in more ink. Glue can also be used to create more layers and textures. This is very heavy for the paper to hold. I also used as much ink and glue that i could and let it free;y run down the page. This created a rainbow affect. Where the glue was, it became hardened and shiny.  I cut a hole in the piece that allowed for my planet to be incorporated into the piece. This created an abstract piece with the paint seemingly exploding onto the planet. I feel there is an element of energy in letting the paint run free.


I also explored using bubble wrap and blue ink to create a texture. The result was  a continuous pattern of circles. I feel this would be useful for creating backgrounds as it a simple but neat technique.


Finally this piece was created by adding flour to the surface and pouring the ink. This created more texture than the previous experiments, I particularly like the deep colours and the pattern the flour creates in the middle of the piece.


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