Canvas and Nature

One of the most challenging aspects of the theme of skyline is overcoming what to do when the skyline is less then inspirational. For example a commonly cloudy day in England. Whilst it is still possible to take skyline photos, the vivid colours that I love are hard to capture and serve for a less interesting piece, especially when the sky is one colour (mainly white).

To overcome this I found using a canvas and a well positioned camera can to some extent mimic the colours of the bright blue sky. This allows for the beautiful contrast of the green in nature against the blues of the ‘sky’.

The idea came when I was experimenting creating the colours of the sky on canvas and decided to use some branches from a stick to create tree like structures on the canvas.  This worked well as they look like little trees, similar to the tree lines in the photos from my photography day. I decided to go outside and place the canvas in various positions to create a composition with the blue of the canvas acting as the background bringing the foreground into focus.

blue 18

blue 17

My favourite outcomes of the day involved the delicate details of tiny dandelion like flowers growing wildly next to a brick wall. The blue of the canvas really brought out the minute details in the white of the flowers.

blue 2


blue 3
cloud like flowers
blue 6
daffodil yellow against blue

I used the natural surroundings to my advantage. To me the grass and tiny plants can look like a vast jungle when taken from a low perspective.

blue 10

blue 13
The trees climb a small wall
blue 7
Tiny ‘forest’ against a blue ‘sky’

My favourite photo is the one below. I love the detail shown in flowers and when enhanced the colours become eye popping.

I also explored making the background more textured with clouds using ink, glue and acrylic as I wanted to make the background look more like the sky. After this I explored using more colours such as green and layering this with nature.

trees close up

What I think worked well is the mix of the painted lines (ink) and the lines scratched into the piece with the natural texture.  This could work well as a texture in my final piece.

Overall using a blue canvas for the background is a good way of creating the illusion of a blue sky as well as a nice background to make the foreground really pop.